Valentine's Day

Millions of heart-shaped objects of all sizes will be presented on Valentine's Day, all around the world. On this date known for romance, Americans spend an average 18 billion dollarson candy, cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry! A huge sum, is not it? The perfect gift will be a vacation (for this vote 27%) and the most unpopular gift - movie tickets (1%). But it's "dry statistics". To me this day is about LOVE and showing our loved ones just how much they mean to us. 

Love is the most wonderful thing in our lives. It's what differentiates people from other life forms. It’s difficult to give a precise definition of this feeling but on the basic level, love makes you feel happy, complete, full of joy, and motivates to be better than you are. This is more important than material objects. Without love life is meaningless. It becomes empty and boring. Love gives you power and support even when nobody else does. Love just IS.

- Tatiana