English for International Communication



ESL 401: English for International Communication I (216 total classroom hours)

This course is designed to meet the needs of high-intermediate and advanced students who wish to improve understanding of the use of technology for global communication both in the business world as well as socially.


EIC 402: English for International Communication II (216 total classroom hours) 

This course is for advanced students who seek to improve basic communication skills in preparation for a variety of business interactions. Students will learn to recognize and abide by workplace culture both domestically and when cooperating on an international level.


EIC 403: English for International Communication III (216 total classroom hours) 

The final level of EIC focuses on developing strong leaders in the global workplace; recognizing and demonstrating effective verbal and non-verbal communication styles, abiding by accepted rules of business etiquette when outside of the workplace, gaining a basic understanding of common global business structures, and understanding the importance of “going the extra mile”.