We were founded with the intent of filling the rising demand for those eager to learn the English language, and since 2006 we have striven to meet that goal by adhering to the highest standards of education. Our staff of teachers is dedicated to working closely and personally with students by assessing individual skills and learning levels to provide instruction that not only meets the needs of each student, but is presented in such a way as to ensure that students leave feeling confident in their development of English-speaking skills.

Our program provides rich language input through a natural approach to language learning. Students learn through conversation and activities focused on helping them to absorb new functions, grammar structures, and vocabulary. Language-learning activities are complemented with state-of-the-art ESL computer software, computer labs, and plasma TV.

Our staff is passionate and professional, and aspires to transfer its passion and enthusiasm to those learning ESL. Our classes are kept small to ensure that each student receives the individualized attention he or she deserves. With locations in Northwest Chicago and Glenview we are easily accessible and an excellent resource for those just starting out in English or for those wishing to strengthen their language skills.


International Educational Center was founded in October 2005 by Lucy Lyubetska and Lana Dizik, eager professionals who aspired to transfer dreams into reality. More than 1200 students have been enrolled at IEC since the first class launched in January 2006, and there are currently about 200 students pursuing their English-language education. The center specializes in teaching ESL at all levels, including the TOEFL Preparation Program required for continuing education at U.S. colleges and universities. In 2009, IEC added an academic writing course to further assist those looking to advance their careers or pursue higher education in the U.S. International Educational Center is constantly working to refine and enhance its existing curriculum to meet the standards of U.S. language-training programs while attracting more students and highly professional instructors. The main location is in Glenview, and an extension was opened in Chicago in January, 2011. The center has proven to offer highly effective and compatible programs, with more students choosing to receive their language training here each year.


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Marcin from Poland

  • Favorite thing about IEC: "Really great learning environment"
  • Favorite thing about USA: "Ability to meet people from all over the world and taste food from so many countries"