Our language training includes a complete multi-level program for adult learners who want to enhance their English language skills in order to successfully communicate in the cultural context of the U.S. The program has a natural student –centered communicative approach to language learning based on the integration of four language skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Students progress as they follow a comprehensive and carefully graded curriculum. The goal of the program is to ensure that students attain that level of linguistic competence that allows them to use the English language spontaneously and flexibly in order to express their intended message. For those who wish to further their education and understanding of American culture, or achieve specific career goals, we also offer Academic Writing and American Short Stories and Poems Courses.


The program is based on an interactive, learner-centered communicative approach which builds students' competence in four language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. We believe that language learning means understanding how to communicate effectively within the cultural context. We encourage attempts to communicate by creating activities that carry out meaningful tasks because we think that only language which is meaningful to the learner supports the learning process. Our teachers facilitate the communicative process between learners and act as independent participants in the learning-teaching group. The curriculum facilitates life-long language learning.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the program, applicants must:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Be a high school graduate or complete the level of education equivalent to the high school level
  • Present a copy of the high school diploma or its equivalent

Applicants are required to take the placement test. It is a multiple-choice test consisting of Listening, Reading, and Grammar and Vocabulary questions. The latter contains speaking situations and grammar problems. The placement test is timed and lasts 95 minutes. An oral interview is also conducted to measure student's fluency and accuracy in speaking. Minimum scores and competencies needed for admission to each level can be found in the Student Handbook

Program Structure & Sequence

The English as a Second Language series consists of nine separate levels:

  • Basic A
  • Basic B
  • Intermediate A
  • Intermediate B
  • Advanced A
  • Advanced B
  • Advanced +A
  • Advanced +B
  • TOEFL Preparation

Each level is 12 weeks long (240 clock hours). 
The program is conducted 20 clock hours weekly.

The Academic Writing Series consists of three separate levels:

  • Academic Writing, level 1
  • Academic Writing, level 2
  • Academic Writing, level 3

Each level is 12 weeks long (216 clock hours).
The Program is conducted 18 hours weekly. 

American Short Stories and Poems Series consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Focusing on Structure
  • Phase 2: Focusing on Content

Each phase is 12 weeks long (216 clock hours).
The Program is conducted 18 hours weekly.

Extended Enrollment

Any student who wishes to remain enrolled at IEC for a period of more than 3 years must complete a “Request to Extend” form, available at the Main Office. This form must include the justification for the extension as well as any required supporting documents. The Director of Education will provide a decision, in writing, within 7 business days.

Students may be enrolled for more than 3 years if:

  • A medical leave of absence has been required during the course of the program
  • They have need for further academic preparation. In these cases students may continue their studies at IEC by enrolling in:
    • TOEFL Preparation
    • Academic Writing (Levels 1-3)
    • American Short Stories and Poems (Levels 1-2)